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      Add:Beixing Industrial ParkZhanghua Road Zhangzhou Fujian,China

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      Company Profile

      Fujian jiali Eectronic CO,LTD,established in 1993,is a company specializing in producing quartz clock movements and hands The producion base in Beixing lndustral park,Zhangzhuo City which is the Triangular Area of Fujian Province with convenient transportaion and beautiful environment The present company owns a flooragr area of more than 10,000 square meters of modem workshops with an annual produstion capacity of 80 million pieces.
      Through careful management of the leadership and the unremitting efforts of all staff for more than 10 years,we have accumulated rich experience in producing quartz clock movements,and come to boast of a skillful technical and managerial personnel,Equipped with advanced production chains and high-tech production check –out facilities,we are all working hard at the development and the applied research of the products,Besides,we can design and manufacture high-qualuty products with reasonadle price as requested by our customers.
      Currently we supply quartz clock skip movement,sweep movement,skip pendulum movement,pendulum movement as well as thousands of clock hands with different styles and design.Fuethermore,in view of our fist-rate service and timely delivery,our producds are widely accepted in both domestic and foreign markets,At present,oue company has already established the perfect markting system and distributed the products to dozen of countries of Europe,Middle East,Asia andSouthern America,etr and won the great acclaim from the domestic and foeign clients.
      Fujian Jiai Electronic CO,LTD always has themanagment concept “CREDLT FLRST,QUALITY SUPREME,SERVICE PRIORITY”,We believe that you will be more satisfied with our products becauae of our advanced technique of proucing quaetz clock movements and the competitive prices,AII businessmen at home and abroad aer warmly welcome for sincere cooperation so that we can create magnificent achievements together.

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      Add:Beixing Industrial Park Zhanghua Road,Zhangzhou,Fujian,China
      Tel:+86-596-2551666/2551999/2553333  Fax:+86-596-2551111
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